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Panorama roof repair X3 Series

We repair BMW models: E83 2003-2010

Panorama roof repair X5 Series

We repair BMW models: E53 1999-2006

Panorama roof repair Series 5 E61

We repair BMW models: E61 2003-2010

Panorama roof repair Series 3 E91

We repair BMW models: E91 2004-2011

If the panorama roof on your BMW :

  • Does not close
  • Stayed in the ventilated position
  • Does not open
  • Jamming
  • The roof is opened "piece by piece" in instalments, not at once
  • Panorama roof blocked jammed
  • The roof does not respond to the button

Call! Do not force close, do not press down, do not force close by operating the sunroof motor.
We have repaired dozens of panoramic roofs on BMW cars!
After repairs, we always advise on what activities need to be carried out periodically to keep the roof in full working order.

The mechanism and guides are sensitive to seizures, cracks, forcible pressing, broken components.
If the roof does not open/close it is most likely blocked by broken components or damaged cables/guides/.
We repair 95% panoramic sunroofs on BMWs without having to replace expensive components!

We warmly greet and encourage you to contact us Rzeszów and the surrounding area. Possible access to the designated place after telephone arrangement.

Typical symptoms of sunroof failure

Typical panoramic roof faults:

1. BMW roof does not close, does not open, sunroof does not respond to button
2. the BMW panorama roof is in the tilted position, the rear roof window does not close
3. the roof blind does not open, close or respond to the button
4. panoramic roof was tilted in winter, BMW roof rails broken/broken
5. BMW panorama roof cannot be opened - locking device bounces back 
6. roof adaptation cannot be performed on BMW, INPA panorama adaptation
7. BMW panorama roof error, cancellation of panorama error

We repair all faults relating to the panoramic roof on BMW. 
We have a lot of experience, the right equipment and parts facilities.
We treat each repair individually - Feel free to contact us!


I would highly recommend to anyone. Roof on BMW X3 repaired quickly and professionally the same day within 1 hour and at a good price. I recommend" Mariusz S.

I searched for a long time for a service that would undertake the repair of the roof on my E61, even branded services did not give any concrete chances of repair. Here they fixed the fault in 2 hours. The roller shutter works perfectly and the windows open perfectly. I am very satisfied." Luke K.

The roof repair on the bmw e61 went very smoothly. Both the quality of the service and the short repair time and price surprised me positively. I sincerely recommend" Karolina J.

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We perform repairs in Rzeszów, Podkarpackie voivodeship. Service performed on the same day! It is possible to get to the designated place after prior telephone arrangement. email:

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